Present contemporary experiences and perspectives on rave in an expansive and open-ended serial format comprised of individual booklets or ‘chapters.’

Create a space for new voices and narratives, that of a raver rather than a critic, someone from within the scene

The writing and images should not be edited to look cohesive, but rather retain their individuality

To fill a niche in writings on rave


Could include, but not limited to:

  • Personal essays

  • Poetry

  • Interviews with a literary quality – nothing too journalistic!!

  • Essays of ‘records’ on a specific, regional scene, label, party etc.

  • ‘Lookbook’ visual concept books for producers

    •  ex:

      •  X-Coast: Music is Music

        • full bleed visuals with text overlay


  • Booklets of the same size, 5 x 7 in?

  • Variations in stock, printing and possibly binding

  • The feeling of the individual booklets should veer towards that of exhibition didactics (rather than a zine like Love Injection whose audience is their scene, it should be more universal without being dry)

approachability accessibility

  • The feeling of the booklets together should be that of an artists’ book edition–it should be beautiful and have weight, they would be stored within a storage box, within a binder, or with rings depending on the binding

exceptional beauty! cool timeless

  • Serial design should unify the autonomous ‘chapters’

  • It should be clean and timeless, avoiding rave ‘tropes’

  • The print quality should be exceptional

  • Relatively unified color palette




Law firm collateral designed by Will Miller

The loop staple would give it a folder/serial/work-in-progress, the series is about perspectives and isn’t meant to be present a dogma or methodology

Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 4.34.40 AM.png

Badlands Unlimited’s New Lovers series. Exceptional and cohesive branding for a lackluster series! I like the ‘trade paperback’ quality of it

Was described to me as a matte, velvet, soft-touch cover which is erotic, what would the finish be for a series on rave? Glossy like sweat? Rough and uncoated?

IMG_8985 copy.jpg

Lazy books that merely compile. NOT what I’m going for! I want original, thoughtful content that challenges people with moments of exceptional beauty!! I want to present rave as a living, evolving experience rather than historicize it as a 90s relic.

Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 4.39.24 AM.png

Great cohesive design yet somehow sterile and institutional. The covers seduce you and yet these are probably books you’ll only ever half-read.


Gold standard!