books of art
 or poems



Maga Books is an artists' book publisher. We are concerned more about a book's point-of-view than its beauty. We believe books are tough, finite objects–not precious editions. We aim to make books that are as close to an artist's dream vision as possible. Our books are project spaces where ideas play out–we don't make catalogues. We believe books can have the swagger and nonchalance of zines and the machismo of monographs without being either.

We don't feel limited by the medium of a book–that's why we make them. Our books will never take the form of other objects that may be more sellable. Maga Books is always growing and changing. Thank you for your eyeballs, they'll keep print in print.

'Maga' is derived from the word 'magazine' and we'll never change our name. Thank you for getting to know us.








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